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Fast charger (50kW). The EVduty3 EVCFC50 is a 50 kW DC fast charging station that can charge vehicles equipped with a CHAdeMO or SAE Combo fast charging port.

The EVduty3 concept, which places the charging station itself inside the building, makes it possible to propose a fast charging unit at a significantly lower cost (up to 50%) than that of the competitor products.

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A modular concept adapted for commercial and public charging

Technical Specifications

Output connector (vehicle side)
• Combo 1 and CHAdeMo
• Voltage Range: 360-508VAC 3-phases 50/60Hz
• Max. Current: 80A @ 400VAC; 67A @ 480VAC (protection : 80A Circuit breaker)
• Input power factor > 0.93
• Efficiency > 94%
• Earth Leakage Current < 3.5mA
• 3-poles AC contactor coupled with emergency button
Hardware protections
• Output diode on power module
• HPC 200 A fuse on output

Electronic protections
• Overload and output short-circuit
• Over temperature and temperature regulation
• Output over voltage/reverse polarity
• Charging plug defects
• Commutation failure
Operating temperature
• -20°C to + 40°C
• maximum 3500 m
Communication bus
• OCPP 1.6
• RJ45 Ethernet Port (for Internet access)

• Voltage Range: 200-485 VDC
• Max. Current: 125A DC
• 2x output fuses
• 2-poles DC contactor coupled with emergency button
Galvanic isolation
• Input/Output: 3 kVAC
• Input/PE: 1.5 kVAC
• Output/PE: 2.2 kVDC

Installation Options

EVduty3 – Standard cabinet

The base product is a cabinet to install on an indoor wall. The cable-connectors are then installed on the outdoor wall vis-à-vis the indoor cabinet, thus minimizing installation costs.

EVduty3 – Optional satellite

In contexts where charging near the building is not possible or desired, a charging satellite can be added. In these cases, the charging station itself is still installed inside the building but the output cable-connectors are installed on a satellite powered by the station. Installation costs – which remain below the cost of installing other DCFCs on the market – vary depending on the distance from the charging station, site materials and other factors.



- EMC 2004/108/EC
- LVD 2006/95/EC


- IEC 61851-1; IEC 61851-23
- UL2202; UL2231-1; UL2231-2
- CSA C22.2 NO.107.1-01; CSA C22.2 NO.281.1&2-12
- EMC : IEC EN61000-3-12


- CHAdeMO › OCPP 1,6


The EVDuty-3 EVCFC50 DCFC warranty is in effect for a 12 month period following the start-up date by Elmec Inc. and covers all defects and malfunctions of the charging station and its components including the 50kW fast charger, the Satellite 3 casing, the CHAdeMO and Combo cable-connectors.

Did you know that businesses wishing to offer fast charging to their customers can choose between a purchase or a hosting partnership?

The Co-op program allows businesses to host a direct current fast charging station (DCFC), an excellent way to draw in EV drivers which are increasingly more present on the roads in Québec.