24-MONTH Financing

EVduty, always more accessible!

Even at a very competitive price, purchasing an EVduty charging station remains a significant investment.  Elmec therefore offers a 24-Month financing option.

To apply for financing:

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Monthly installments of EVduty charging stations (over 24 months) :

EVduty Standard

EVduty NEMA 6-50P: $45.26
EVduty NEMA 14-50: $46.39
EVduty hardwired: $46.39

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EVduty Smart-Home

Smart-Home NEMA 6-50P: $50.92
Smart-Home NEMA 14-50: $52.05
Smart-Home hardwired : $52.05

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EVduty Smart-Pro

Smart-Pro NEMA 6-50P: $67.91
Smart-Pro NEMA 14-50: $69.04
Smart-Pro hardwired: $69.04

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Sets including a charging station and accessories (plug holster and outdoor outlet) are also eligible for the 24-month financing program. Depending on the chosen product, monthly instalments range from $50.13 for the NEMA 6-50 standard charging station set to $74.51 for the NEMA 14-50 Smart-Pro charging station set.

Financing for freestanding structures

The single or double pedestal and the simple wall structure are also eligible for the 24-month financing option. For these transactions, contact our customer service department to discuss your project and complete the financing application.

For additional information, contact our customer service:

Phone: 819 533-3888
Fax: 819 533-3074
Email: services@elmec.ca