Order processing*

Monday to Friday noon:

  • Orders placed before noon are processed for shipment on the same day.
  • Orders placed after noon are processed for shipment the next day.

From Friday to Sunday:

  • Orders placed on Friday afternoon and weekends are processed on Monday.
*Elmec makes every effort to meet these deadlines, but does not guarantee such performance at all times.

Process notices and parcel number

An email is sent to you when your order is processed for shipment.
A tracking number for your package is then given to you.


Once your order is processed for shipment, the delivery time is usually from 1 to 3 days* depending on the shipping address.

*Operating with an external carrier, Elmec cannot guarantee compliance with this deadline at all times.

Delivery service used

Elmec uses DICOM delivery services.

Shipping rates*

Shipping rates are based on a weight & price combination:

  • Rate 1 (less than 2kg, up to 78,99$) : $10
  • Rate 2 (2kg to 7,49kg, up to 798,99$) : $20
  • Rate 3 (799$ to 1045$) : FREE

«Free shipping» promotion:

  • Some products – such as charging stations and accessories packages – include a «free shipping» promotion.

The shipping cost is applied after delivery details confirmation and before payment method selection.