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Fast charger (50kW). The EVduty3 EVCFC50 is a 50 kW DC fast charging station that can charge vehicles equipped with a CHAdeMO or SAE Combo fast charging port. The EVduty3 concept, which places the charging station itself inside the building, makes it possible to propose a fast charging unit at a significantly lower cost (up to 50%) than that of the competitor products.

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Make your business or municipality a destination-stop for EV drivers with an EVduty3 fast charging station. The charging station is then public and networked on the EVDUTY application. A great way to attract new customers and tourists.

Elmec offers various financing options for businesses or municipalities wishing to offer a public fast charging service. Our solutions can adapt to our partners’ different contexts. CONTACT US to request a presentation.

The EVduty3 public network fast charging stations are accessible via the EVduty application available for free on Google Play and App Store. Easy to use, the EVduty app allows among other things to locate the network’s fast charging stations, to start a charging session and to keep track of the charging progress.

Businesses making deliveries can opt for a fleet of plug-in vehicles. An EVduty3 charging station then allows fast charging of vehicles during daily operations to optimize the use of fleet.

ELMEC has created one of the industry’s most flexible EV charging management and application platform. It provides and manages customers’ private commercial charge station networks, as opposed to a large public access networks. These private charging networks give customers increased customization, functionality, long-term flexibility, and control.

Financing options are available for companies wishing to install a quick charging station for their fleet of plug-in vehicles.