Elmec and EVduty become leaders in the field of smart devices

Shawinigan, September 25th, 2019 – EVduty and ELMEC are taking the lead in their field of expertise and related areas. It is with great pride that the ELMEC team unveils its investments for products developed at its Shawinigan facility and some acquisitions made to continue their growth in the field of smart devices.

A smart current sensor

Smart current sensorEntirely designed and manufactured by EVduty, this small-sized equipment is affordable and easy to install. It can impact up to 2 electric vehicle charging stations without having to change the electrical panel if the latter is too limited to add other electrical equipment. After investing in R&D and some $300,000 later, the EVduty current sensor is the solution for multi-housing units, townhouses, condominiums and older single-family homes. The smart sensor communicates with EVduty charging stations to automatically manage charging intensity and adapt to the homeowners’ and families’ lifestyle. The sensor reads the current in real time and sends this information via WIFI to the EVduty charging stations. Stations connected this way can then adjust charging intensity according to the available current. They can also interrupt a charging session until the current available is sufficient again. No need to modify the electrical panel, which represents significant savings for owners.

Acquisition of a Tesla Semi

In line with the company’s values, EVduty has just acquired for $275,000 a Tesla Semi, which the Tesla company describes as follows: “Semi is the safest, most comfortable truck ever. Four independent motors provide maximum power and acceleration and require the lowest energy cost per mile“. This truck will be used for the distribution of EVduty and Elmec products. It will also be used to haul cubes and loads for other companies and manufacturers that will thus be able to reduce GHG emissions from the transportation of their products.

The fully electric self-driving smart tractor by ELMEC

fully electric self-driving smart tractor by ELMECAt last, Elmec will make its mark in the field of self-driving agricultural machinery with its very promising project currently under development: Érion. Armed with boldness, foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, Elmec works for a prosperous and sustainable future and takes the Quebec economy to another level. Érion was born from the vision of Jean-Marc Pittet – president of Elmec and agriculture enthusiast – who dreamed of a tool-carrying tractor that would be fully electric, lighter, and most importantly, smart.

His objectives as an entrepreneur, manufacturer, and manager were to counter the scarcity of labor, reduce GHG emissions, lessen soil compaction by traditional agricultural machinery, and above all enable the collection of data and information relevant to agricultural producers. This way, this electric self-driving tractor will be able to probe then collect data relating to soil condition, diseases, plant growth level, weeds, etc. Able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this agricultural project by Elmec is here to revolutionize the agricultural world.

In addition, the Tesla Semi will be used to deliver these self-driving tractors across Quebec regions, other Canadian provinces, and the United States.

A bit of history

Elmec is a pioneering company that managed to identify, several years ago, the emerging markets of the future: smart devices. From as early as 2012, its research team developed, certified (through rigorous and costly processes) and then launched the EVduty charging station in 2014. It is currently the most popular residential charging station in Quebec. Always on the lookout for opportunities, EVduty is becoming an increasingly fearsome challenger in the area of fast charging stations development (350 kw) for commercial and industrial sectors, both of which are flourishing industries.

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