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Our line of commercial solutions

EVduty-40 Smart-Pro portable electric vehicle charging station (NEMA 14-50P)

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EVduty-40 Smart-Pro portable electric vehicle charging station (NEMA 6-50P)

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EVduty-40 Smart-Pro electric vehicle charging station (hardwired)

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EVduty ONE and DUO

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EVduty Smart-Pro

Our smartest, most powerful level 2 charging station yet!

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Freestanding structures

Engineered for performance. Designed for you.

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Wall structures

Minimalist design, advanced performance

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A modular concept adapted for commercial and public charging

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Our line of commercial chargers are ideal for

Charging at Work
More and more employers are offering employees access to charging during working hours. Subsidies are available for these employers. Access to these stations is restricted to authorized users.

Residential Charging in Condo/Multi-housing
Charging stations can be installed in indoor or outdoor parking lots of residential complexes (condos or multi-housing). Access to these stations is restricted to authorized users.

Opportunity charging
EV drivers will favor businesses offering 240V public charging since it enables them to charge their vehicle during their activities (grocery store, shopping center, restaurant, etc.)

Destination Charging
When travelling, EV drivers will use destination charging for the return journey or the continuation of a trip. They will use public 240V charging during activities of longer duration (movie-going, hotel stay, visit of a tourist attraction, etc.)

En Route Charging
On the road, EV drivers rely on DCFCs for short stops (15 minutes to 1 hour on average) to charge for the rest of the trip. These customers often take the opportunity to have a meal or a snack in a business near the charging station. They will usually plan stops before departing depending on the available charging stations on their route.

Special programs

Institutional program for municipalities

We have developed an institutional program for the purchase of charging stations for municipalities looking to offer their residents a complementary subsidy.

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EVduty-3 DCFC Co-op Program

We offer a cooperative program that allows businesses to host a direct current fast charging station (DCFC), an excellent way to draw in EV drivers.

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