The EVduty charging station earns «BEST PICK PROTÉGEZ-VOUS» mention

Best Pick Protégez-vous

Shawinigan, May 21st, 2019 – It is with great pride that ELMEC announces that the EVduty electric charging station (EVC30), developed and manufactured at its Shawinigan factory, has earned the “Best Pick Protégez-Vous” mention.

“We are very happy with this distinction. Protégez-Vous is the reference for Quebec consumer when it comes to the acquisition of products and goods. This “Best Pick Protégez-Vous” mention is a great mark of trust and it gives us confidence in the efforts of our research and development team and production staff. Indeed we are most concerned with consumer’s needs and lifestyle as well as respect for the environment” says Jean-Marc Pittet, President and CEO.

Let’s remember that Elmec is a company ahead of its time that has managed to identify and seize the opportunity of an emerging market: electric vehicle charging equipment. From 2012 its research team has developed its charging station and followed the long and costly certification process to launch the EVduty charging station in 2014. With features that appeal to northern EV drivers, including a cable that does not stiffen in cold weather, the EVduty has become the most popular residential charging station in the province.

As part of its growth plan, Elmec strives to strengthen and further develop its privileged position in the residential charging stations market. The company is also aiming to capture a share of the commercial charging station market in Quebec, a sector which is currently booming. Finally, Elmec will make its mark in the field of autonomous farm machinery. With daring, agility, vision and entrepreneurial spirit, Elmec prepares a prosperous and sustainable future.

The development of a new improved and faster-charging EVduty3 meets more and more of the market’s growing demands with the arrival of affordable models with greater ranges and the electrification of commercial, agricultural and industrial fleets. With the EVduty3 charging station, Elmec stands out from other fast-charging stations manufacturers with a pragmatic concept especially well suited for private businesses, with an indoor installation at 50% the cost of the other installations offered by the competition.

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