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About EVduty

The EVduty adventure at Elmec began in 2012, when there were only 2 or 3 plug-in vehicle models available on the market. Company management’s forward-thinking helped identify the strong growth potential of the plug-in vehicle sector. In the meantime, Elmec has also developed the EVduty3 fast-charging station and double charging stations for commercial or institutional installations. Always on the move, Elmec closely monitors the sector’s evolutions and adapts its supply of charging products to meet market needs. EVduty products stand out for their durability and competitive price. In addition, Elmec provides outstanding customer service.

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The EVduty Brand

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Our core product lines

EVduty New Generation

The new EVduty station stands out for its portability. Surprisingly compact and light, the EVduty charging station is also robust since the new casing is made from the same polycarbonate resin used for hockey helmets! Two pluggable variants, NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-50, as well as a hardwired version (without plug) are available. In addition to the standard base station, two smart options are also available (for residential or commercial use).

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EVduty3 Fast Charging Station

In 2015, Elmec designed a direct current fast charger (DCFC). Elmec engineers’ approach reduces manufacturing costs and also minimizes installation and maintenance costs. In addition, businesses wishing to offer fast charging to their customers can choose between a purchase or a hosting partnership.

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EVduty Application

The EVduty app – available free on Google Play and AppStore – allows you to use public charging stations of the EVduty network and to configure the smart features of EVduty Smart-Home and Smart-Pro charging stations

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About our parent company Elmec

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Located in the Grand-Mère sector of Shawinigan, Québec (Canada), Elmec
was created following the acquisition of a Mégatech Électro Inc. division in 1998. Elmec is renowned for the development and implementation of personalized products, including its well-known electrical systems for customized machineries. In 2012 Elmec decided to diversify its activities by integrating the manufacture of charging stations for electric vehicles and the control of machinery using web and mobile applications.

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