EVduty SMART: sharing power the smart way

The EVduty Smart-Home and Smart-Pro charging stations can be configured for "power sharing" via the EVduty mobile app. Power sharing is used when two (or more) charging stations are installed on the same circuit protected by a 40A breaker. You can opt for this solution when you want to have a second charging station installed but your electrical panel does not have room for another circuit.

The power sharing function developed by the Elmec team is SMART. This means that the power adjusts according to charging stations usage. Here are some scenarios illustrating the smart power sharing feature of EVduty Smart-Home and Smart-Pro charging stations:

  • Two EVduty charging stations; two vehicles recharging: each charging station charges at 15A

    • If one of the two vehicles is 100% charged (its session has ended) or unplugged (or its charging session was stopped via the application), the other charging station will then charge at full capacity (30A).

  • Two EVduty charging stations, one vehicle recharging: the charging station charges at full capacity (30A) since the 2nd station is not in use.

    • A second vehicle is plugged in later: the charging stations adjust for power sharing and charge at 15A each.

Power sharing triggers automatically: it is active, dynamic, smart. You don’t need to intervene to manage power levels, and you have access to the full charging power when only one charging station is in use*!

*Other charging station brands are compatible with power sharing, but it is a "passive and permanent" sharing, meaning that two charging stations sharing a circuit will be permanently limited to 15A each.


Complementary product: Smart current sensor.

You do not have room in your panel for a first charging station? The EVduty smart current sensor is a very affordable solution. See here> https://evdutystore.elmec.ca/products/smart-current-sensor-evccs200.

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