Demand that the installation of your EVduty charging station respects the type of power cable

The nine versions of the EVduty charging station offer different combinations of power cable type and connectivity level. The level of connectivity (standard or smart) can be changed after purchase, but the type of electrical connection (type of power cable) must not be modified in any way, otherwise the certification and warranty are no longer valid.

The available options of power cable type are:
  • 12 ” cable with NEMA 6-50P plug;
  • 12 ” cable with NEMA 14-50P plug;
  • 6 ‘cable with bare wires for connection via a junction box.

If you purchased an EVduty charging station with a NEMA 6-50P or NEMA 14-50 plug, it is imperative to demand that the electrician in charge of the installation DOES NOT MODIFY the charging station and installs the wall socket in accordance with existing standards. The installer must not under any circumstances cut, modify or replace the power cable of the charging station to make it into a version with connection via junction box or to modify the type of plug/socket.

If necessary, talk with your electrician or EVduty representative BEFORE making a purchase in order to choose the appropriate version for your project.

The manufacturer Elmec regrets the fact that its EVduty charging stations are being modified by some installers, sometimes even without notifying the customer. Regardless, Elmec cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of a product modified by a third party. An EVduty charging station damaged this way can not be replaced or repaired under warranty.

Installation instructions for the EVduty charging station can be found in the user manual supplied with the charging station and available online.

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