Elmec reaches 10,000 EVduty charging stations sold

Major milestone for a Shawinigan company

Elmec reaches 10,000 EVduty charging stations sold

Trois-Rivières, August 13th, 2018 – Elmec, a company specializing in the development of connected devices, has reached an important milestone in recent weeks. A major player in the Quebec industry of electric vehicle charging stations, the company has recently sold its 10,000th EVduty charging station (across all generations).

Already holding the title of the most popular residential charging station in Quebec, EVduty by Elmec strengthens its choice position in EV drivers’ hearts across the province. Its many features and functionalities – adapted to our northern climate – appeal to new buyers every day.

“This achievement of having reached 10,000 charging stations sold belongs not only to the entire Elmec team, but also to our loyal customers who trust us day after day. We are fortunate to be able to count on them, because they are our best ambassadors”, said Mr. Jean-Marc Pittet, President and CEO of Elmec.

Resolutely future-oriented, the company is constantly developing to optimize not only its EVduty charging stations, but also its other spheres of activity.

“Elmec is a visionary company with innovation as one of its core values. In this regard, our EVduty charging stations are constantly evolving as we want to make them even more efficient and user-friendly for EV drivers. Our other sectors are not left behind since our expertise is vast and we strive to put it at the service of EV driving at every turn”, says Mr. Pittet.

It is therefore with the wind in its sails that Elmec shifts into second gear with its EVduty charging stations in order to consolidate its presence in Quebec, develop the Ontario market and then open the US market, more specifically in New -England.


Located at 1141, 2nd Avenue in Shawinigan, Elmec was founded in 1998 by Mr. Jean-Marc Pittet after the acquisition of a division of Megatech Electro Inc. Initially, the company was renowned for the development and manufacturing of personalized products including its famous custom electrical systems for machinery. In 2012, Elmec decided to diversify its endeavours by identifying two fast-growing markets that were consistent with its activities, namely the production of charging stations for electric vehicles and remote control of machinery via web and mobile applications – notably in local agriculture. The company’s goals are, firstly, to become a leader in the development of connected objects, and secondly, to propel equipment control technologies into the 21st century.

Samuel Pittet, 
Research and development manager / project manager

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