EVduty-3 DCFC Co-op Program

Draw in new customers with EVduty!

Cooperative program for businesses wanting to host a DCFC to attract EV drivers.

EVduty-3 DCFCA major player in the Québec industry of charging stations for electric vehicles, Elmec presents a cooperative program that allows businesses to host a direct current fast charging station (DCFC), an excellent way to draw in EV drivers which are increasingly more present on the roads in Québec.


Firstly, Elmec commits to providing selected businesses with an EVduty 3 DCFC. Elmec will supervise its installation and also maintain it since the station remains the company’s property. Of course, Elmec will assume the management and development of the EVduty mobile app.

Furthermore, Elmec will unveil the new DCFC’s location in conjunction with the participating business. The latter will benefit from an advertising campaign on the EVduty mobile app, thus reinforcing its brand image as well as reaching a new consumer market. In addition to all these benefits, the participating business will receive 25% of the revenues generated by EV drivers’ charging sessions.

In return, this cooperative project will require a contribution from the business as follows:

  1. Provide at least one parking space reserved for charging;
  2. Set aside a spot within the building for the installation of the charging station;
  3. Prepare a space for the installation of the output cables on the store’s façade or with a satellite;
  4. Make an agreement on advertising within the EVduty mobile app;
  5. Cover the charging station installation costs and electricity costs for users’ charging sessions.

Resolutely focused on the future, Elmec wishes through this cooperative program to make available charging areas for electric vehicles in all regions while impacting trading partners eager to grow their market share.

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To access charging stations of the EVduty network, download the EVduty Mobile App at the AppStore or GooglePlay.


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