EVduty current sensor: for condos and apartment buildings

The electrical panel of your condo or your apartment does not allow the installation of a 30 amp charging station in the basement where your vehicle is parked?

A simple and affordable option, the current sensor solves this problem without having to replace the electrical panel.

HERE'S HOW TO PROCEED (see diagram)

  1. Install the current sensor on the 125 amp power cable near the electric meter to measure all the current consumed by the individual housing unit and the sub-panel of the charging station.

  2. Install a router.

  3. Install a 40-amp electrical sub-panel and its circuit breaker for the EVduty EVC30 charging station on the 125-amp power cable between the electrical meter and the main electrical panel of the individual housing unit.

  4. Install and connect the charging station to the electrical sub-panel.

  5. Configure the current sensor and the charging station using a computer, tablet or smartphone to establish a connection on the same local network to ensure WiFi or Ethernet communication between both devices.

  6. Plug and charge the electric car.

How it works

If the housing unit consumes a significant part of the usable electricity, only the portion of excess current will be available for charging the electric car from the EVduty EVC30 charging station.


If the individual housing unit, protected by a 125 A circuit breaker, consumes 80 amps, the current available for the charging station will be (125 A x 80% *) - 80 A = 20 A

* EVduty considers the current available at 80% in order to ensure a safety margin for the electrical installation.


Visit the EVduty current sensor product page

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