EVduty current sensor: limited electrical panel context

The electrical panel in your residence does not allow the addition of an electrical charge of 30 amps to install a charging station for your electric car?

The EVduty current sensor resolves this issue without having to replace the electrical panel. A simple and economical solution!


  • Install the current sensor on one of the electrical panel’s 40 amp circuit breaker protecting a functional equipment
  • Install a 40 amp circuit breaker for the EVduty EVC30 charging station in the existing electrical panel or in an electrical sub-panel
  • Set up the current sensor and the charging station to connect them on the same local network to ensure WiFi or Ethernet communication between the two devices
  • Plug in and charge the electric car

How it works

When the selected functional equipment is in use, only the remaining portion of current will be available for charging with the EVduty EVC30 charging station.


f the stove – protected by a 40 amp circuit breaker – consumes 12 amps, the current available for the charging station will be:
(40 A x 80%*) - 12 A = 20 A

EVduty considers the current available at 80% in order to ensure a safety margin for the electrical installation.


Visit the EVduty current sensor product page


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