EVduty Smart Charging Station

SMART EVduty Charging Station

EVduty SmartEVC30 EVduty charging stations are available in « Smart » version. Two levels are offered: «SMART-HOME» or «SMART-PRO». The main difference between the two resides in the capacity to generate revenues with the « SMART-PRO » option.

All related functionalities are accessed through the EVduty mobile application, which can be downloaded for free via the AppStore or GooglePlay.

EVduty Charging Station Functionalities:


Competitive SMART Price and Best Warranty in the Industry

The EVduty charging station, Smart-Home option, NEMA 6-50P version, is available for only $ 999 and access to features of the EVduty app is free (no annual fees).

All EVduty charging stations are warranted by the manufacturer for a period of 5 years on the charger and 3 years on the output cable-connector. The SAE J1772 connector is rated at more than 10,000 charging cycles.

Powerful, sturdy, reliable and smart: count on your EVduty charging station for a full charge every day!

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