IN FALL: The range adjusts…

Fall is here and temperatures are going down. If this is your first year driving an electric car, you might be surprised to find that the estimated range drops a little. It’s normal. Energy consumption increases when it gets colder (the same goes for gas vehicles). The estimator – which takes into account the energy consumption from the last kilometres travelled – will adjust and show a lower range. The difference will of course depend on several factors including the more or less intense use of heating, the road (flat or hilly), speed, accelerations, and of course weather conditions (temperature, precipitation, wind.).

If your vehicle indicates that its battery at 100%, then the charging station has fully charged the vehicle. A lower displayed range is not due to a malfunction of your EVduty charging station (or other brand), but to the adjusted estimate made by the vehicle computer based on a higher energy consumption from your last trip.

To maximize your range, preheat the cabin before leaving while the vehicle is still plugged into the charging station. Then, once on the road, use heating in moderation and enjoy the seat heaters.

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