The 3 most intense years of my life

Testimony of Jean-Marc Pittet, CEO of Elmec Inc.

Last November 20th, I got up feeling relatively nostalgic and emotional. On that day, I’d had a Tesla 90 D for three years. Its singularity? This electric car had the Autopilot option.

Tesla 90 DIt was a bleak day in November 2015 on which the rain kept pouring down. Having left for Sherbrooke to provide after sales services for a charging station, I then went to the Montreal Tesla Service Center. Comfortably seated in my new Tesla 90 D, I drove across the city of Montreal with excitement, almost impatience, towards the highway to try out Autopilot. As soon as I got on the freeway, I started driving in the right lane and, with two simple flips of a lever, Autopilot engaged. I’ll abstain from describing the joy and satisfaction of this moment. I repeated the operation several times to test it out and, what I did not know at that moment, it is that I was in for the most intense 3 years of my life.

It wasn’t my first electric car; I’d had a Tesla 85 S. It did have a certain appeal, however the Tesla 90 D created a buzz. Autopilot particularity fascinated me when the passenger changed seat, but not role. Sitting in the left seat – or driver seat – one became a passenger with a steering wheel that served no or almost no purpose. The spell was cast along with feelings of fear and joy, then settled a sense of confidence and reigned a true sentiment of well-being.

The Tesla 90 D that I am talking about is the most well-known in Quebec after being featured in 4 television shows, two of which are coming in the future. Famous Quebec artists have taken a seat inside, either as passengers or drivers on the ICAR circuit for the Pilote Académie program. During these shoots, my Tesla 90 D has had on board celebrities including the strongest man in Quebec, a brawling hockey player, actresses each more beautiful than the last, an African princess, comedians, famous business men and even a TV star who did not know how to drive a car, and thus mangled it.

However, this wonderful companion on 4 wheels had more than a background role, she was my collaborator and traveled all over Quebec. The success and consistency of the after sales services we ensure for EVduty charging stations depended on it a lot. How many regions have we visited together? From the US or Ontario borders to northward of the 50th parallel, from Sept-Îles on a January 15th in the polar cold to downtown Montreal under a stifling smog, through Baie-Comeau, Rivières-du-Loup, Sherbrooke and so on. This companion has shown loyalty and commitment exceeding expectation. The Autopilot component has made traveling easier and reduced fatigue. It was vital, safe, reliable and most of all, restful.

These three unforgettable years were made possible thanks to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors who made me live this unique experience and changed the course of my life. This visionary is a genius of automation and autonomy and is influencing our daily lives as Steve Jobs did with the webinar revolution.

My new friend is a Tesla Model 3, since I granted an early retirement to the Tesla 90 D. I am eager and I wish myself sensations, complicity and moments as wonderful as these last 3 years were.

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