Smart-Home module for EVC30

Smart-Home module for EVC30


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For charging stations with serial number between 0001 and 4699

If the serial number of the charging station is 4700 or higher, see Smart-Home programming.

Smart-Home upgrade kit for EVduty, EVC30 model (with black casing). Includes an electronic circuit board (replacement) and instructions on how to install.

  1. Control your charge session - Easily start and stop a charge session from your mobile device.
  2. Get real-time charging data - View real-time charging data. 
  3. Configure your current - Configure the maximum output current (8 A, 12 A, 16 A, 20 A, 24 A, 28 A, 30 A). 
  4. Power sharing - Configure the intelligent power sharing function "Link". 
  5. Manage station access - Manage access to your charging station by sending invitations. 
  6. Get insights about your charge history - View the charge session history and other events that occurred on your charging station.

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