Smart-Pro Programming
Smart-Pro Programming
Smart-Pro Programming
Smart-Pro Programming

Smart-Pro Programming


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To order, add your charging station’s serial number (EVCXX-XXXXX) here
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For charging stations with serial number 4700 AND HIGHER

If the serial number of your charging station is between 0001 and 4699, see Smart-Pro module

Smart-Pro upgrade kit for EVduty, EVC30, EVC40 or EVC48 model (with black casing). Includes over-the-air programming.

SERIAL NUMBER : You will find the serial number (EVCXX-XXXXX) on the silver sticker placed on the side of the charging station's casing (see photo). 

  1. Control access to the device - Control public settings to allow or deny access to your charging station by your clients.
  2. Your charger, your price - You’re in full control of your availability and prices. Share any charging station for free on our wide network.
  3. Get paid quickly - Your earnings are transferred to you every 3 months.
  4. Accessible on your phone 24/7- Schedule and control your charger from your phone, even when you’re away.
  5. Monitor revenue from anywhere - Get real-time reports on your mobile device.
  6. Control your charge session - Easily start and stop a charge session from your mobile device. 
  7. Get real-time charging data - View real-time charging data. 
  8. Configure your current - Configure the maximum output current (8 A, 12 A, 16 A, 20 A, 24 A, 28 A, 30 A). 
  9. Power sharing - Configure the intelligent power sharing function "Link". 
  10. Manage station access - Manage access to your charging station by sending invitations. 
  11. Get insights about your charge history - View the charge session history and other events that occurred on your charging station.

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